Why Fresh Meat is So Important

In today’s world, it seems that convenience takes priority over everything. This is even applicable to important issues like the food that we consume. It is quite easy to go to a drive through to pick up fast foods. Then, when shopping for food for home cooked meals, it is convenient to pop into the local grocery store and head to the frozen meat counter for what is needed. This may be an easy way of purchasing important items like meat, but it certainly may not be the healthiest.

For those who are really intent on getting the best value from what they spend on their meat, then it means taking a little more time to check out what is available. Meat that is produced and butchered by local farmers has much more value to it than what one will find in the meat section of the grocery store.

Those that have switched over to buy fresh meat often say that they can see and taste the difference in the quality of this type of meat. There is still the option of being able to freeze this type of meat if it is being purchased in quantity. Those that are buying it can check to see that the livestock is not being force fed, or receiving injections of steroids or antibiotics which often leaves a residue in the meat when it is used on the animals being raised for food. There is little doubt that meat such as this is not good for the health of the consumers.

While taste is always a big factor in the meats that are purchased for consumption, what must take priority is the nutritional value. Meats that are going from the butcher shop to the table in as short as period as possible, is a big factor in the nutritional value of the meat.