What Are the Benefits of Using the Local Butcher?

If you have not as yet taken advantage of what your local butcher has to offer you then you may want to consider why this could be so beneficial to you and your family.

You Know What You Are Getting

When you walk into your local butcher shop, all of the selection of meats they offer are before you, housed in the proper display units. You can immediately see the different types as well as the size of the cuts. They are not wrapped in layers of wrap that hinders you from really seeing the quality of the meat.

The Quality

With the meat in plain sight, you can immediately see the great quality of it. You will note that it is pink looking and doesn’t have that gray tinge to it that many of the meats at your local grocery store have in their freezer section.

The Size

You have the opportunity to see the size of the portions of each piece of meat that you are considering. This way you can buy exactly the pieces you want by choosing from the selection that is there. You can just buy the amount you want, and won’t end up with left over meat that you would end up freezing for months at a time.

The Customer Service

The personal customer service that you will receive from a quality butcher shop can be of great importance to you. You will be served by an individual who has great knowledge about all the cuts of meat that are available to you. This gives you the opportunity to be able to ask any questions you want regarding the meat. Most often these butchers can even give you tips on the best way to prepare the meat. You can also ask additional questions as to how the animals are fed, and if they are antibiotic free.